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** In beta ** Enable scheduling in your care flows with Calendly.

title: Calendly

description: Calendly is your scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails to find the perfect time


Calendly is the scheduling automation platform with team-based scheduling, solutions and integrations for every department, and advanced security features. Note that Calendly is not HIPAA-compliant, so is not endorsed by Awell. If you wish to use a HIPAA-compliant scheduling solution, we recommend using our extension instead.

Extension settings

In order to set up this extension, you will need to provide a Calendly API key. You can obtain an API key via the Calendly portal (Settings > Developer > API keys).


This extension is free but keep in mind that you might need a paid plan for Calendly depending on your needs.


Webhooks offer a great way to automate the flow with Awell when invitees schedule, cancel, or reschedule events, or when the meeting ends.

Important notes:

  1. An Awell webhook endpoint can only listen to one event type. So make sure that when you create a webhook in Calendly, the subscriber URL and the event trigger match the Awell webhook endpoint. This also means there can only be one event type per subscriber URL.
  2. Using a secret to verify the authenticity of the received payload is not yet supported.
  3. Custom payload templates are not supported, please use the default ones.

Notes about rescheduled appointments

Apparently, Calendly doesn't make it completely clear when an invitee.created event is created and sent via a webhook. Instead, the rescheduled field is part of the invitee.cancelled webhook, and the old_invitee field is populated in the new invitee.created event. So, this extension uses a is_rescheduled_event field in the invitee.created listener to reflect an old_invitee being present. So:

In order to check to see if an event was rescheduled (rather than a new event):

  • validate is_rescheduled_event is true

In order to understand if a cancellation was actually a rescheduling:

  • validate rescheduled is true
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