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Orchestrate actions in homegrown and third-party apps in minutes

With Awell Extensions you can tie together the apps you already use for CareOps into your care flows.

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Some of the best clinical and product leaders use Awell to automate their care flows

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Custom Actions

Orchestrate actions in third-party apps in minutes

Integrate with EHRs, communication providers, form providers, eSignature... all with the click of a button.

  • Simple to build. Awell provides developers with an easy-to-use SDK which makes building Custom Actions a breeze.
  • Simple to use. Take away complexity for your clinical and product experts so they can build care flows that improve lives whithout bothering the engineering team.
  • Source-controlled. The code for Custom Actions is source-controlled so it is easy and safe to release updates.
Custom Actions

We have off-the-shelf extensions with the most innovative platforms


Built by developers, for developers

Build, test, and deploy your own extensions to connect your homegrown apps into care flows

We provide developers with an easy to use SDK (in Typescript 🎉) so anyone can build extensions.

import twilioSdk from 'twilio'
import { actionFields, extensionSettings } from './config'
import { type Action } from '@/types'

export const sendSms: Action<typeof actionFields, typeof extensionSettings> = {
  key: 'sendSms',
  title: 'Send SMS',
  category: 'Communication',
  fields: actionFields,
  onActivityCreated: async (payload, onComplete, onError) => {
    try {
      const {
        settings: { accountSid, authToken, fromNumber },
        fields: { recipient, message },
      } = payload

      const client = twilioSdk(accountSid, authToken, {
        region: 'IE1',

      await client.messages.create({
        body: message,
        from: fromNumber,
        to: recipient,

      await onComplete()
    } catch (err) {
      await onError()


Listen to events from 3rd parties

Create custom webhook endpoints any system can send requests to. You have full control about how to handle the incoming webhook and the actions that need to be performed in the Awell system.

  • Automation. Webhook events can be used to automatically trigger actions based on events happening in other systems.
  • Integration. By listening to webhook events you can easily integrate homegrown and third-party apps into your care flows.
  • Flexibility. Webhook events can be used to receive a wide range of data and information from homegrown and third-party apps, making them a flexible option for a variety of use cases.

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