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Awell Extensions allow you to easily connect your homegrown and third-party apps with your care flows. They help you to extend the functionality of your care fows.

There are two groups of extensions:

  1. Extensions for 3rd party apps
  2. Extensions for your homegrown apps:

Extensions for 3rd party apps

We have off-the-shelf extensions with the most innovative platforms. Have a look at the Awell Marketplace to browse all the extensions with 3rd party apps.

These extensions are usually built and maintained by Awell but we welcome anyone to contribute to building 3rd party extensions. Learn more about building extensions here.

Extensions for your homegrown apps

We allow you to build, test, and deploy your own extensions to connect your homegrown apps into care flows. Awell provides your developers with an SDK/API allowing them to assemble their own piece of software to extend the capabilities of the Awell Platform.

These extensions are not published to the Awell Marketplace but are kept private as their purpose is to integrate with your proprietary systems