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If your pathway has baseline info or data points, you can update the values of these data points while the pathway is already ongoing.






To update the baseline info data points in an existing pathway, the request needs the following, provided within an input object:

pathway_idYesthe id of the pathwaystring
baseline_infoYesthe list of data point values for baseline info data pointsArray of baseline info input
baseline_info.data_point_definition_idYes, for each itemthe data point definition identifierstring
baseline_info.valueYes, for each itemthat data point valuestring


Given data point values are polymorphic, the value for a data point should always be sent as a string. Values are validated and deserialized on the Awell side and we will throw an error if a value does not match the corresponding data point value type.

In table below you can find an overview of all baseline data point types and the value type you should be sending to the Awell API.

Data point value typeValue type to sendExamples
dateISO8601 string"2023-01-01"
stringstring"Awell is great"