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What is Awell Studio?

Awell Studio is a low-code tool built by Awell and used by clinical and product teams to design, build, and publish care flows. Once a care flow is published, it can be orchestrated for patients using Awell Orchestration.

Pathway versioning
Awell Studio

Awell Studio vs. Awell Orchestration

Awell StudioAwell Orchestration

Design, build, and publish care flows using Awell's low-code editor.

Orchestrate or run care flows for your patient population with Awell's API and integrate them in your tech stack.

What is a care flow?

Care flows go by many different names: care plan, clinical workflow, care pathway, care journey, clinical protocol, patient onboarding flow, care program and many more. In principle, care flows are a sequence of activities performed by the care team and/or the patient to achieve or maintain a desired health state for that patient.

In the Awell platform, you'll find that care flows and pathways are used interchangeably.